Hydraulic Pressure Blasting Test Machine for Tyre

            Product information
            Device name Hydraulic pressure blasting test machine for tyre
            Equipment introduction GC-YLY-100Tire pressure blasting test machine for testing and measurement of tire burst pressure, safety factor and damage parts of the test equipment, can be used for car tires, truck tires, car tires and other series of tire pressure blasting test.
            Equipment parameters
            project parameter
            1.Pipe diameter of hydraulic system internal diameter≥6 mm
            2.From the pump to the tire valve nozzle pressure pipe length <10 m
            Maximum test pressure 10MPa
            3.Water pressure adjusting speed 10~300kpa/min Adjustable
            4.Water pressure measuring accuracy ±1%
            5.Holding time ≥3 branch
            6.Pressure relief way Manual pressure relief
            7.working voltage 380V/AC,50HZ
            8.Voltage controller 24V/DC
            9.The test meets the standards HG2186-2012  Tire pressure test method
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