Tire strength & Bead-unseating (with Longitudinal and Lateral Rigidity) Testing
            Product information
            Device name Tire strength/ bead-unseating testing equipment with longitudinal / lateral stiffness
            Introduction GC-YLDT-12Tire strength / bead-unseating testing machine (with longitudinal / lateral rigidity function), uses the servo motor deceleration drive the ball screw loading respectively to drive the plunger, static loading plate, bead-unseating block and longitudinal and lateral rigidity test platform towards the tire fixed on the spindle,  at specified test speed for tire strength test, static load test, bead-unseating resistance test, tire longitudinal stiffness and lateral stiffness of the test.
            Equipment parameters
            project parameter
            1.Test tyre
            Strength, static load test Passenger car tires, light truck tires and truck tires
            Off loop resistance test Tubeless tire
            Horizontal, longitudinal rigidity test Car tire
            Strength static load test tire maximum outer diameter Φ1500mm
            The maximum section width of the tire in static load test 400mm
            Off loop resistance test tire maximum outer diameter Φ1000mm
            The maximum section width of the tire 400mm
            Transverse, longitudinal stiffness test tire maximum outer diameter Φ1500mm
            Transverse, longitudinal rigidity test tire maximum section width 400mm
            Test rim specification 10″~28″
            2.Test load
            Strength, static load test Max.98kN,Load accuracy:±49N(490N-4900N);±1%(4900N-98KN)。
            Off loop resistance test Max.29.4kN,Load accuracy:±29.4N(294N-2940N);±1%(2940N-29.4KN)。
            Horizontal, longitudinal rigidity test MAX.2000kg,Load accuracy:Set value±1%。
            3.Test speed 50mm/min±1mm/min
            4.Strength test puncture rod diameter Ф19、Ф32、Ф38
            5.Off loop resistance test A、B、C
            6.Weight about 4.5T
            7.Size(Length ) about 2400mm(L)×1720mm(W)×3210mm(H)
            8.Electric load 10KVA
            9.No-load noise One meter away from the equipment≤85dB
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